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Filmmaking Workshop, Concept.


The design and concept art for the Levi’s Filmmakers Workshop held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Collaborated with Coupler Creative on the design. Media: Pencil. See below for photos of the actual fabrication and installation. Click here to see a pencil concept drawing for another project.

Exhibit Display Concept & Illustration.

Quick concept and illustration Museum Tamal exhibit

A quick color concept illustration of an exhibit display for chef John Rivera Sedlar, founder of the Museum Tamal. Showing a raw space transformed with exhibit cases, digital displays, etc. Media: Hand-drawn with digital.

Concept Art, Experiential Marketing & Event Planning.

Concept Illustration for Marketing Event Elias

Concept art for experiential marketing & event planning. Illustration for event planner & experiential marketing firm Elias Soto/Ese Lifestyle. The event celebrated the launch of new Nintendo game technology. The video game Street Fighter inspired this particular user experience (UX) vignette and concept art. Media: Hand-drawn with digital color.

Concept Illustration, Outdoor Ice Skating Rink, Pasadena.

Concept illustration promoting proposed outdoor ice skating rink in Pasadena

Outdoor skating concept illustration. The client is using this illustration to promote the project to the Pasadena City Council and to potential donors and investors. Client: Kenneth McPheeters. Medium: Pencil drawing with digital color. View similar concept art here.