Mascot Design, Cute!

I definitely don’t consider myself a graphic designer, but for this project, my client for the Holiday Skating festival (see this concept illustration) was looking more for a mascot rather than a logo. The client wanted two penguins, possibly a parent and child, skating together.

I first drew several options for the client to review. I really liked the first one this page (upper left), with the little penguin slipping and sliding on the ice. But the client wanted to see the “parent” penguin helping the little one skate. Also, he liked seeing them wearing skates, rather than skating on their webbed feet.

I redrew the penguins per the client’s suggestions, added a Santa Claus-ish title and got his approval. He liked the Happy Feet-feel of the drawing and so I redrew it in Adobe Illustrator.

Hopefully, come October or November you and I will see these penguins around Los Angeles promoting the Holiday Skating festival.(The final image is the property of Kenneth McPheeters and Holiday Skating, used by permission.)

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