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A design and color rendering for a powder room— the process.

Powder Room design and rendering

Let’s take a look at how I designed this Moroccan-influenced powder room and drew this presentation rendering for it. 1. The initial design discussions. Samples of Moroccan tile at Zellij Gallery. The wall tile pattern. First, I measured the existing powder room we would be remodeling, noting window and plumbing locations, etc. Then I reviewed […]

Hand-drawn renderings, process. A primary bathroom in an Aspen home.

Hand-drawn rendering, primary bathroom.

1. The initial design of the bathroom. Let’s take a look at how I drew two renderings showing the  concept for a primary bathroom in a home in Aspen, Colorado, as designed by Richard Hallberg Interior Design. These are hand-drawn renderings rather than computer-generated. Detail of the hand-drawn plan, including furniture. Elevation drawing by Hallberg […]